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MBC Group launches MBC5, the channel dedicated to Maghreb countries

Written by FDM

On September 21st, the Maghrebian media landscape welcomes a new channel launched by the MBC group with the aim of presenting dedicated content and special programs for viewers in this region. The flagship program of this launch is none other than “The Voice”.

MBC5 is the new entertainment channel launched by the MBC Group dedicated to the Maghreb countries. Thanks to the selective choice of programs showcasing Maghrebi figures, the group established a strong reputation and presence in the Maghreb media landscape since its launch in 1991, thus the new channel relies on dedicated content to increase the loyalty of viewers in this region.

Among the programs concocted by the new channel:

Dar Al Darak: a comedy that presents some of the most prominent stars of the Maghreb. The show will be presented by comedians Idriss and Mahdi.
Jawabek dahab: presented by the young actor and presenter Mourad Al-Ashabi, this program conceived in the form of a street theater competition in the Maghreb, will award the Golden Awards to the laureates.
Women’s Secrets: With a social and humorous twist, the show focuses on the life and secrets of a group of friends, featuring: actress Badia Senhaji, Moroccan actress Maha Boukhari, Maria Nadim and Sakina Drabil Khali balek men Fifi: a humorous show in the presence of many Moroccan and Arab artists. Presented by Fifi Abdo and Zeinab Ebeid,
Khaled and his relatives: Cheb Khaled in an entertainment program.
Jalassat with Najat: Sessions with Najat: artistic and social program presented by the Moroccan singer Najat Aatabou.
Strike with Hamza Filali: Presentation of Moroccan comedian Hamza Filali.
Happy Hour: Yomi Talk Show, presented by Abdel Fattah Al-Juraini and Jamila Al-Badawi.
Théâtre du Maroc: Tv show highlighting weekly shows from Casablanca.
In addition to these programs, other shows are being finalized. MBC5 also plans to broadcast exclusive films such as “Elle” with Rachid El Ouali and Zeinab Abir; “Collision” with Kivanc Tatlitug; “Daba Tezian” with Mohamed El Jem, “My heart is a hermit” by Dounia Batma.