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Mayshad Foundation supports women in the Medina of Rabat

Chaired by Nezha Alaoui, the Mayshad Foundation launched its new micro-entrepreneurs program for women in the Rabat Medina on May 21st.

The Mayshad Foundation supports women in the Rabat Medina in their self-entrepreneurship projects. It has just launched a program of micro-entrepreneurs whose main objective is to enable these women to carry out their projects.

The program boosts a continuation of the Mayshad Foundation’s efforts chaired by Nezha Alaoui, the implementation of innovative social projects and the promotion of female leadership.

 A program that also marks the fourth year of the Foundation’s existence. And to celebrate this date, the organization invited a hundred of guests including diplomats, representatives of UN institutions, and other partners, to Iftar in Dar Mayshad. The opportunity to make another announcement: the official creation of the Circles of Women Leaders, a unifying network of women leaders from different backgrounds.