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Mayram Touzani: “Now is the right time for a film like ADAM” (Interview)

After its official selection at the Cannes film festival and having amassed 16 awards from the most prestigious international festivals, the film “Adam” by Maryam Touzani finally arrives in Moroccan cinemas on January 15th, 2020. We sat down with the director to discuss the particularities of this film, the inspiration behind it, and timing…

After having previously directed two short films, Maryam Touzani attempts the feature film with ‘Adam’. It’s the story of Samia (Nisrin Erradi) who roams the alleys of Medina in Casablanca looking for a job while being heavily pregnant from a relationship out of wedlock. She encounters Abla (Lubna Azabal) a single mother of an 8 years-old and a pastry seller who’s still mourning the passing of her husband and has lost sense of the present. Together, they help each other go through life trials.

The director who is also the scriptwriter was inspired by a real story of a pregnant woman who came to her family seeking shelter before giving birth.