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Mayram Mechiche: From zero to infinity

Written by FDM

Who said that science and art are two divergent paths? Maryam Mechiche proves everyone wrong with her latest collection ‘Plus l’infini’ exibited at Galerie Shart until October 27, 2018.

According to Syham Weigant, author of the catalog, the painting of Maryam Mechiche stands exactly between zero and infinity. “And it is not a truism but a metaphysics”.

Thanks to her scientific background, “Mayram Mechiche has the rare opportunity to enjoy this ability and in many ways: from her scientific studies, she has learned to distinguish a certain invisible, one that avoids the common, the one that is distinguished in the shade of a laboratory through chemical experiments or thanks to complex physical tools. Light and colors, she has learned to distinguish the undulatory components as much as the chemical compositions,” as admirably written by Syham Weigant.

Weignant also talks about another aptitude of the artist which leans more towards the artistic side of the spectrum: “we do not know where her “genius” comes from, this mediumistic talent that allows her to see beyond …” And thus combining these two metaphysical characteristics: scientific and artistic, Mechiche brings together two qualities essential to solving this mystery: Imagination and freedom.

“It may be a sky then, autumn or summer, evening or dawn? it is thus towards infinity that this patient, methodical and meditative painting tends.”

If there is one thing we will all see, it is the invention of a new language and the emergence of an artist that will inevitably prove herself.

Exhibition: “Plus L’infini” at Galerie Shart, 23 rue du 6 Octobre, Racine Casablanca. From Octrober 5th-October 27th, 2018.