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Mawazine: performances from Nick jonas, La Fouine, Don Bigg and Tamer Hosny 

Mawazine Rhythms of the World Festival in Rabat is celebrating its 16th edition this year. The international music festival continues to honor diverse musical cultures in its many stages with a cluster of artists coming from around the world.

Last night, the city of Rabat vibrated along the sounds of scattered performances of all kinds. Rabat natives may have had a difficult time choosing their destination since all stages held remarkable acts.

Oriental scene in Nahda has seen « the prince of Arabic music scene » Tamer Hosny strengthening his long-term relationship with the Moroccan audience. At OLM souissi, Nick Jonas made his live performance comeback since 7 months, declaring his excitement to meet his Moroccan fans.

As to the other side of the city- Salé stage- Hip Hop music enthusiasts have been well served with performances from veteran artists like Don Bigg, Masta Flow and La Fouine, who made sure to deliver a « LIT » show.

See ahead the highlights of the evening.