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Mawazine: Highlights of an extraordinary closing show

Written by FDM

The 2018 Mawazine Rhythms of the World festival has officially come to an end on June 30th. The best were saved for the last with shows delivered by Puerto Rican stars Luis Fonsi at OLM Souissi, Emirati diva Ahlam in Nahda and Moroccan Statia on the Salé stage.


Thus, it was a spectacular image upon which the festival ended. Thousands of festival goers chanted along with the Latino artist turned global sensation, Luis Fonsi, with his summer hit  “Despacito”.

Meanwhile, the space Nahda, exclusive stage for Arab artists, hosted none other than Emirati diva Ahlam, an accustomed of this great international cultural event.  The singer was warmly welcomed in Rabat by a significant fanbase that doesn’t cease to grow. She has earned the nickname of Al Malika” (the queen) thanks to her character and charisma.

Moroccan Chaabi songs were honored at Salé stage by predominant artists like Abdelaziz Stati, Saïd Senhaji and Statia, who set fire on stage before a cheering crowd. Festival-goers were also entitled to Bouregreg, stage exclusively dedicated to the musical expressions of the African continent, to a memorable closing show with the Ivorian Tiken Jah Fakoly, hero of the modern reggae and standard bearer of the voice of a whole continent.