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MasterChef Morocco breaks records

Written by FDM

MasterChef Morocco Season 4 is deemed to be a big hit. The reality cooking show has allegedly 9 million faithful viewers.

The season 4 of MasterChef Morocco reached 54% of audience rating, or nearly 9 million viewers. This year, MasterChef Morocco, broadcasted every Tuesday at 9:30 pm on the 2M channel, is undeniably one of the favorite shows of amongst Moroccans. Indeed, it has recorded the highest audience ratings since it started, all seasons combined. And it’s getting better with every episode.

Viewers seem to enjoy the dishes made up by amateur or professional chefs judged by an outstanding jury comprising of big names in Moroccan and international gastronomy. At each episode, participants embark on three intense challenges. The first, the mystery box, so dreaded by the candidates who will have to use their imagination to create gourmet dishes from imposed ingredients. The second, the team challenge that generally takes place outside the workshop. And finally, the “test under pressure” which is the last chance for participants who have least convinced the jury.

This year, the team of MasterChef Maroc will travel to Abidjan and Moscow for spectacular challenges. Far from the workshop and benchmarks, candidates will compete with talent and excel to create exceptional dishes.