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Masrah Al Maghrib’s dazzeling Launch in Casablanca

Written by FDM

MBC5 launched in Casablanca the first season of the “Masrah Al Maghrib” series which will take place in “Rialto” theater. it will be held under the theme “Infinite Pleasure” and will be marked by the participation of artist Abdellah Didane, as well as a promising panel of young actors. The first performance will be entitled “Sirkia”.

The opening ceremony of “Masrah Al Maghrib “took place in the presence of a constellation of stars and artists, but also representatives of the press and the media from Morocco and all the Arab world: it will be organized by MBC5 on the sidelines of the announcement of the launch of the performances of “Théâtre Maroc”.

Under the supervision of artist Abdellah Didane, a large group of young stars and promising faces will participate in a theatrical performance competition. These artists include Hajar El Sharki, Yasser El Tarjmani, Ayoub Akri, Issam El Dim Mouharram, Mohammed Baguio, Jihane Keddari, Ayoub Abu Al Nasr, Kamal Hamassin, Yalal Sakoud Abdelkrim Chaboua, Chaouki El Sadoussi, Karima Khatouro, Khawla Hajjouj, Omaima El Ouardi, Danny Mikiat, Meryem El Haddar, Houda Khairi, Khalid Al Maghari, Lamia Kharboush, and Abdellah El Bikaoui.

The performances of the “Masrah Al Maghrib” troupe will take place on the Rialto stage on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays each week, at 7:30 p.m. The performances of “Masrah Al Maghrib” will also soon broadcast exclusively on the MBC5 channel.