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Maryam Touzani “deeply moved” to present her film for the first time in Morocco 

Written by Amal Asebriy

Actress-director Maryam Touzani and her husband Director-Producer Nabil Ayouch attended an “emotional” gala screening of Touzani’s first feature film “Adam” at the Marrakech Film Festival on Tuesday, December 3rd. The first-ever screening in Morocco.

“I’m extremely moved tonight as my film will finally meet its destined audience,” said Maryam Touzani on the stage of Palais des Congès on Tuesday evening at the special screening of her first feature film “Adam”.

She went on to deliver a thanks message to the members of her cast who were present on stage with her, with a special mention for her producer/husband whom “without, it wouldn’t have been possible,” she lovingly declared to her husband. ” Thank you, my love”.

The film, written by her, with the collaboration of Nabil Ayouch, and produced by the latter, has been nominated to represent Morocco at the best international feature film category of the 92nd edition of the Oscars.

“Adam” was premiered in Cannes in the “Un Certain Regard” category and won 16 awards at major festivals. This film has also been sold by commercial agents in more than 15 countries, including the United States, France, Benelux, Australia, Japan, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil.


Later that night, Tilda Swinton, jury president of this 18th edition of the festival, went to present, in front of a packed Jamma el Fna square, the South-Korean movie “Snowpiercer” under the cheers of thousands of attendees.