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Marsam gallery hosts Spring Collection 2018 exhibition and book signing event by JTI

Written by FDM

 JTI organized on Friday, April 27, the opening of the exhibition “Spring Collection 2018” at the gallery Marsam and a signing session of the beautiful book “Moroccan Painting: plural identities”.


“Moroccan Painting: plural identities”, the first art book published with the support of JTI North Africa, is a contribution to the Moroccan cultural life as it highlights the career of around thirty Moroccan artists. “In this beautiful book, you will discover early explorers (like Jilali Gherbaoui or Mohamed Kacimi), solid of their emancipation of the colonial heritage, pioneers of new forms and expressions, as well as some of the youngest, who are strong in the audacity of new languages”, said a statement by the organizers.

Through 32 portraits, this book, written in French and English, draws a unique and invaluable artistic heritage, from figurative to naïve art, calligraphy or abstract art. Atypical careers are also featured, such as those of Mehdi Qotbi, Abbes Saladi, Ahmed Cherkaoui and Mahi Binebine.

“JTI is committed to two fields of action in terms of its CSR (Corporate social responsibility) policy in Morocco. First, as a cultural action through the edition of this book, and on the other hand, a charitable and societal action, helping women’s associations gain their economic independence, ” says Houda Bennis Director of Corporate Affairs of JTI .

JTI North Africa is a committed partaker in the cultural and artistic dynamics of Morocco.

This book has been produced in partnership with the Agency Artis Council for the edition of the book. Full sales profits will be donated to a Moroccan charity for the elderly.