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Marrakech as the world’s 7th most romantic city

Written by FDM

The ocher city, often known for its colors, smells, and exotic atmosphere adds a new quality to its list: Romantic.

Renowned travel expert and blogger, Dan Miller, recently named  eight most romantic cities in the world for those looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day adventure or other special event destination. Marrakech, made it on the list in 7th place along with other renowned tourist destinations.

The ranking goes as follows: Paris, or the “City of Love”, remains at the top of the list followed by Prague, Rome, New York City, Venice, Florence, Marrakech and Dublin.

Indeed, although Marrakech can be hectic with a festival-like air, it still contains amazing places with romantic charm that afford privacy for couples.

Last December, Fodor’s Travel Guide, the world’s largest and professional travel guide book, ranked Marrakech at the top of its “Travel Go List for 2018.”

“This romantic desert oasis is set to be one of 2018’s most fashionable vacations,” Fodor’s said.