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Marocains Pluriels meets up for peace and recognition of the southern provinces

Written by FDM

Marocains Pluriels association met up on Tuesday, January 12th, 2021 to celebrate recent advances that Morocco has witnessed in recent months, not as a spectator but as an actor.

“At the forefront, of course, of these historic breakthroughs, is our Sovereign: what he has just achieved is a real turning point for our country and the years to come – in the short and long term – will show us to what extent the recognition of our Provinces of the South by the USA and the resumption of links with Israel are essential, the links which unite Muslim and Jewish compatriots on the national territory and those which unite more than 800,000 ambassadors of Moroccan origin – who live there – with Morocco, are so perennial,” as the statement reads from the association.