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The Margaret Awards: A Moroccan woman nominated for Africa Entrepreneur of the Year 2020

Written by FDM

Hanae Bezad is nominated for the Africa Entrepreneur of the year 2020 award! She is the CEO of Douar Tech, promoting the economic independence of young people in the douars, in particular women from precarious backgrounds in rural Morocco, through training in innovative entrepreneurship and intensive technologies.

After studying more than 340 applications received from women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs from Europe and Africa, the jury for the Margaret Awards met to elect the 4 winners Margaret 2020s. They will be revealed to the public on April 21 in light of the 8th edition of JFD Europe (Maison de la Radio, Paris).

As part of the JFD’s acceleration program, the laureates will benefit for the first time this year from funding worth a million euros to support and accelerate their growth.

The JFD Margaret Awards recognize the creativity, innovation, and audacity of women working in the digital realm, like Margaret Hamilton, a famous NASA computer scientist who contributed to the first project of Man on the Moon.

This is a successful opening of Margaret Awards in Europe with a representation of more than 30% of applications from Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, from Romania or Finland. A total of 28 European countries represented.