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March to be organized in Huelva in support of sexually abused farm workers

Written by FDM

On June 17, a march organized by the Andalusian Workers’ Union will take place in Huelva, Spain, to support women workers, including Moroccan ones, who have lodged complaints of sexual harassment.

Two men were detained within this month in the province of Huelva for sexual abuse allegations in the fields. The first case included Moroccan seasonal workers who said they were harassed, insulted and physically assaulted or even raped led to the arrest of their -now released- superior.

The most recent one concerns a farm manager in Aljaraque, province of Huelva in southern Spain, who is suspected of sexual abuse on four Spanish workers and was arrested by the Guardia Civil, as reported by ABC Andalucia website on Monday .

Moreover, in Almonte, a third complaint was filed at the Guardia Civil by five other women against one of their employers, recalls ABC, without specifying the nationality of the complainants.

The aim of the march, organized on June 17, is to bring support to those women workers who were subjected to these harassment as it is an “intolerable” type of act that is being ‘deeply’ investigated “no matter who the victim and whatever the situation is».

The complaint filings began following the publication of a survey by the media Buzzfeednews and Correctiv denouncing sexual abuse on farms in Spain, Italy and Morocco.