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Majda Brabije On Being Top-Ranked Arab and African at the World Speed Reading Championships

Written by Amal Asebriy

Morocco’s Majda Brabije ranked 9th worldwide (in the French-language category), at the World Mind Map and Speed Reading Championships which took place on May 29 and 30, 2021.

There were 650 participants from more than 20 countries, and yet she managed to rank 9th worldwide in the French-language category for adults. Majda Brabije, the ambitious mother of two was, therefore, the top-ranked Arab and African on the list.

There were so many details to remember as it was a mystery novel, with a complicated style to designate the characters, Majda told Moroccan Ladies about the contest. They were sometimes defined by their names, other times by their nationalities, etc. It was a deliberate choice of course as Speed Reading is supposed to train visual perception and memorization.

But how can one comprehend if they read fast?  According to Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Map, you can read, comprehend and retain information in a fraction of the usual time, with the right techniques.

“Speed reading is not a single technique but a suite of small changes each of which contributes to increased speed. […] Speed reading seeks to optimize each step of the process including posture, environment, lighting, positioning of the text, eye tracking, focus, peripheral vision, state of mind, and self-belief,” reads an article on Tony Buzan’s official web page.

Certainly, Majda took all the above into consideration when she had to take the test in a live video call all the while holding a device from which she was supposed to (speed) read 320 unpublished pages and roughly 76,000 words in less than 2 hours. Thereafter, she had to answer 20 detail-oriented questions in 30 minutes.

It’s unfortunate that Speed Reading is not widely used in Morocco, knowing that people who read 5 times faster retain 80% of a book. It’s a life skill.” A skill that Majda practiced, for over a month, “one can not become a speed reader overnight, it takes a lot of practice and consistency,” she insisted.

But who is this technique for? Well “it depends on a couple of multiple intelligences. Verbal-linguistic intelligence: people who display a facility with words and languages. And the existential intelligence: people who ask a lot of questions. Those with a developed level in both will find it easier to practice this technique.” Majda explained.

The high-achieving teacher is also a coach of Effective Learning Techniques, a Ph.D. student in economics and management, a teachers’ trainer in positive attitude in the classroom, and a member of the Moor Initiative specialized in the education of soft skills.

As far as her achievements go, Majda wishes to credit her success, not only to herself but to her supporting husband without whom she couldn’t have possibly gone far. “Behind every successful woman, especially a fulfilled and hard-working mom is not only herself but also her supportive husband. I had many moments of despair, especially with two kids but he was the first one to encourage me to get back on track.

The World Mind Map and Speed Reading Championships are co-organized by the Apac Association. For more information on the Speed Reading technique, make sure to visit Moor Initiative’s Instagram for an upcoming Speed Reading workshop.