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“Mahrem”case: After the controversy, the Jordanian Embassy in Rabat responds

Written by FDM

A few days after the controversy over the requirement of a “mahrem” (male guardian) to visit the Jordan, the Jordanian Embassy in Rabat reacts and denies the existence of gender-related discriminatory measures.

“The procedures for granting visas to Moroccan nationals, all categories combined, have been applied for many years and have not undergone any change,” said the Jordanian ambassador to Rabat, Hazim Al Khateb Attamimi, in an interview granted to the MAP, a few days after the cry of anger of Mounia Semlali, head of the gender justice program of the NGO Oxfam in Morocco, on Facebook. As a reminder, the latter was denied a visa because “in order to visit Jordan as a Moroccan woman between the ages of 18 and 35, you need to be accompanied by a “mahrem” just like Saudi Arabia ! As she rebelled in a long post.

“The granting of entry visas, as is the case in many countries of the world, is governed by regulations related to the legalization and protection of the labor market in Jordan. These procedures sometimes tend to limit or restrict the entry of certain age groups, and not to prohibit them,” continued the ambassador, assuring that Jordan does not prevent “Moroccan women citizens from entering its territory, if they submit to the regulatory measures to specify the place of work or indicate the reason for the visit.” Our Moroccan brothers are welcome, as has always been the case, in their second country Jordan,” he continued in his argument and pleaded for ” facilitate the mobility and movement of citizens of both countries, view of the definitive deletion of visa requirements between the two countries”.

For her part, Mounia Semlali reiterates, boldly, the ambassador’s comments through a second post, published this time in Arabic, and in which she assures that discriminatory measures are still in force against Moroccan women, as well as Tunisian women under 35 years old. To be continued…

ردي على سعادة السفير الأردني بعد خروجه عن صمته ونفيه لمنع المواطنات المغربيات المنتميات للفئة العمرية ما بين 18 و35 سنة…

Publiée par Mounia Semlali sur Jeudi 24 janvier 2019