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Maghrebis book fair in Oujda to kick off on October 18

The second edition of the Maghreb Book Fair “Lettres du Maghreb” will be held from Thursday, October 18th to Sunday 21st in Oujda, named “Capital of Arab Culture” in 2018. Already high during the first edition (more than 40 000 visitors and 200 intellectuals mobilized by the 32 round tables), attendance will be even more important, with a number of publishers rising sharply.

Just like last year, many events will accompany the event, including “L’enfance du livre”, dedicated to children and young adults, prestigious conferences and the exhibition “Les Chemins du Sacré” presented in preview at the Institute of the Arab World last July.

After Senegal in 2017, Ivory Coast will be the guest of honor at Salon 2018 with the presence of a large delegation of Ivorian publishers and authors. In laudatory terms, the word of Mr. Maurice Kouakou Bandaman , Ivorian Minister of Culture, expressed the importance of the Book and the depth of ties that unite the  Ivory Coast Republic and the Kingdom of Morocco.

Further, Thirty publishers are expected among the stands; more than half are Maghreb and two Ivorian publishers will also be present.

On the occasion of the 2018 Book Fair, proceedings of the 2017 fair will be presented as a book of nearly 400 pages, published in Arabic and French, consisting of the transcription of exchanges of more than 200 intellectuals gathered around 30 round tables.