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“Love is in the Air”: A VIP evening in honor of the new Nissan Micra (photos) 

Music, dance performances and lights were on the menu for a colorful evening in honor of the latest fifth-generation hatchback Nissan Micra. Renowned guests enhanced the VIP quality of the night under the slogan “Love is in the Air”.

The fifth generation of Micra opted for aesthetic originality and technological audacity to cut through the clutter. The new model, completely renewed, is more premium, larger, equipped with several high-tech equipment by jostling the segment of city cars with a design, performance and an unprecedented level of comfort.

Indeed, the design of the new Micra is innovative and embellished with visual touches. The car is fresh, youthful, sporty and bold, and very modern. It has maintained a confident front grille, headlamps, strong side line and highly placed headlights. Body colors, include very lively red, orange, green or light blue. Buyers can also personalize it with decals on the bodywork and plastic inserts in the cabin.

Other features include hidden rear door handles and an extended roofline, benefiting from the car’s performance and aerodynamic aesthetics.

Since the launch of the first model in 1983, Nissan Micra remains the most famous model in the world. Since then, each new version has resulted in a more refined “Micra formula” so that none of the previous versions look like the one below.