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Loubna Azabal reacts to the controversy surrounding her kiss with Nisrine Erradi

Written by FDM

The kiss between Loubna Azabal and Nisrine Erradi on the red carpet of Cannes festival sparked a backlash. Loubna Azabal reacted.

Representing the Moroccan film “Adam,” directed by Maryam Touzani, two stars of the film, Belgian actress of Moroccan decent Loubna Azabal and Moroccan Nisrine Erradi, shared a passionate kiss on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival this week. The photos and videos have since gone viral on social media, sparking mixed reactions.

In a video posted yesterday, Loubna Azaba reacted to the backlash and presented her “apologies to the Moroccan people”. With a regretful demeanor, the interpreter of the role of “Abla” in “Adam”  explained that she was the initiator of the kiss and caught Nisrine Erradi off guard.

“It’s my fault. I made a move of love on Nisrine because I consider her as my sister. it’s my fault, I did not think. (…) It was a naive kiss. I did not want to hurt or shock anyone especially during Ramadan,” said the actress. Her full apology in the video above.