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Loofahs sold for $49  on Amazon, Moroccans can’t even

Written by FDM

When Moroccan Loofahs cost about MAD 30 ($3) and they’re up for sale for $49  in Amazon, something must be wrong. Moroccan netizens stepped in.

The most INTENSE exfoliator ever!

Feels like fine sandpaper but works like magic!Shop here:

Publié par Eyeliner Addict sur vendredi 20 octobre 2017

Posted by Eyliner Addict, the Facebook page of an American beauty blogger, the glove that is found on Amazon for the price of 49 dollars promises intense exfoliation and a softer skin. The same results obtained when using the regular loofah we find in Moroccan sooks, however different the price might seem.

Moroccan netizens were quick to react in the comments. Some hastened to explain that it was called “Kis” used in traditional Hamams as well as in Turkish bath houses. Others were outraged by the price and shouted at the scam.

“It works wonders and it feels better when u use some essential oils after that…”


“It is a total ripoff price.”

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