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Loft Art Gallery hosts a retrospective exhibition by Mohamed Hamidi

Written by FDM

On Thursday April 5, Loft Art Gallery held the opening of a retrospective exhibition highlighting the prolific works of artist Mohamed Hamidi from the early 60s to the present day.

In 50 years of creation and throughout a course of a variety and an exceptional richness, Hamidi is today one of the greatest figures of the Moroccan painting. The artist has explored everything from figurative to abstract, from nudes to dead nature, from themes of Africa to Europe, with a single constancy: the line, the symbols and the colors.

Hamidi is one of the founders of artistic modernity in Morocco. He was always convinced of the urgency of creating a contemporary Moroccan art, turned towards modernity while being anchored in the Moroccan aesthetic tradition, Hamidi participates in teaching the history of Moroccan craftsmanship from carpet work and jewelry to ceramics. This commitment to the service of craftsmanship is also widely reused in his work.

According to the gallery’s statement, Hamidi has, throughout his career, revisited and transcended themes, forms and colors, movements and the human body tinged with eroticism with modesty, without ceasing to renew himself.

The exhibition will be held until May 5th in Loft Art Gallery, 13 rue el Kaissi, Triangle d’Or. Casablanca.