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“L’Océan” exhibition introduces two young painters with a shared passion for arts

Written by Amal Asebriy

The Marina Shopping center has inaugurated its Espace d’Art with a fresh exhibition, “L’Océan”, from June 28th to July 31st. On display are creations by two young Moroccan artists, Mohammed El Ghazouani and Badr Eddine Moussaoui, who happen to expose their works for the first time.

“L’Océan” is the theme of the exhibition by Mohammed El Ghazouani and Badr Eddine Moussaoui for the inauguration of the Space Art in Marina Shopping center located by the Casablanca sea. An exhibition that qualifies as a first on both sides.

Mohammed El Ghazouani chose ‘Ocean’ as a theme for ‘its many compositions as a natural environment namely the sand, the air, and the sea. Not to mention the natural colors that inspire any artist.” Said El Ghazouani. In his canvas, various techniques of painting are mixed to perfectly demonstrate the essence of oceans.

“I worked on the material, which is sand and other artistic techniques like acrylic abstract painting and the application of random flows to achieve these canvases. He explained. This gives the viewer a personal impression of the natural element that leads to life with all its ramifications and dynamics.”

An artist of many facets, the 32 years-old man who currently works as a graphic designer in a leading retailers holding company, has come a long way. “I started my artistic career in the field of wood decoration, illustration, and cartoons before receiving my academic training in visual arts.” He said. “All of this has contributed to my interest in art and developed my creativity but especially my inspiration. Over time, I found solid ground in abstraction because it has no limits. I was able to express the needs of the soul, its sufferances. I felt free and spontaneous.”

On the other hand, Badr Eddine Moussaoui went for a more universal approach, as he’s a painter by instinct. He managed, though, to add a slight traditional touch represented by the ‘Zelij’ pattern (Moroccan Tiles). A graphic designer by profession, an interior designer by training and a painter by heart, the 35-year-old man discovered his passion for arts at a very young age.

“My passion for painting and visual arts started at a young age. My first painting was that of nature at the age of 7. It was when the artistic features started to demonstrate in the environment in which I lived, especially my hometown [Bouizakarne].” Said Moussaoui.

Not only do the friends of 10 years -they first met in 2009- share the same passion and the first professional exhibition, but they also share the same dream. The one for their art to reach as many people as possible, and for it to ultimately be a primary source of income.

Exhibition on Espace d’Art- Marina Shopping center. From June 28th to July 31st.