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LivreMoi:  Yasmine Chami to present “Médée chérie”, story of a betrayed and abandoned woman

Written by FDM

For their next literary meeting, LivreMoi bookstore has scheduled on Tuesday, January 29, the author Yasmine Chami for her book “Médée chérie”. This novel tells the story of a woman who was betrayed and abandoned by her husband …

After “Cérémonie” and “Mourir est un enchantement”, the author Yasmine Chami has just published “Médée chérie” and will present it, Tuesday, January 29, at the bookshop LivreMoi as part of its literary meetings.

In this novel, the anthropologist tells the story of Médée, a woman abandoned by her husband during a stopover in Paris while they are leaving for Australia. At the airport, her husband, a surgeon, goes away for a moment. A moment that will eventually drag on. After a while, she ends up accepting the fact that he will not come back. It’s the shock. The couple seemed happy though, united for 25 years with three children. Médée, who is a sculptor, got disheartened before she got back on her feet, carried by her art. Indeed, she will regain her strength in the face of emptiness.

Literary meeting Tuesday, January 29 at 6:30pm with Yasmine Chami at LivreMoi Bookstore