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The Living4Art gallery inaugurates its collective exhibition “Reflets”

Written by FDM

Since Saturday, January 16, the Living4Art gallery has been hosting the collective art exhibition entitled “Reflet”. Twenty visual artists, Moroccans, and Africans, including many women, are participating.

The Living4Art gallery in Casablanca is displaying roughly sixty works by professional and amateur artists. To discover until January 30, this collective art exhibition is called “Reflet” and has the participation of 20 Moroccan and African plastic artists.

Among them, the artist Asmaa Benchekroun. For her, this collective exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to exchange experiences between artists and also to allow the new generation to benefit from the experiences of their predecessors. Her works symbolize perspectives emanating from man’s ambitions for a bright future, as she explains, specifying that her passion began in 1989 in France and continued on her return to Morocco in 1992.

Another artist is named Rim Addakou, 19, who presents her works for the first time. Her paintings, she explained, depict portraits of women or a mixture of colors, with a predominance of blue, reflecting the elegance and beauty of women. At her side, we find Zineb Idrissi, the Congolese artist Ulrich Zouanda, Abdennasser Benabbou, or the artist Ashwaq Mohamed. For the latter, who has already participated in several exhibitions, it is a great satisfaction to participate in this exhibition alongside an elite of artists and creators, especially that his paintings reflect the after-effects left by the pandemic of the novel coronavirus on humans.

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