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A live performance by Moroccan street artist Aouina at L’Atelier 21 (photos)

Written by FDM

On the ‘night of museums and cultural spaces’ first edition, organized by the National Museums Foundation, L’Atelier 21 set a live performance by Moroccan street artist Aouina.

In front of an attentive audience, the artist Aouina created a piece drawn from the imagination of cartoons and enhanced with the national flag. This performance is part of the collective exhibition of street art,  “La ville devant soi”, which has been housed since June 14 at the L’Atelier 21 gallery in Casablanca.

This group show brings together 16 artists who constantly navigate between the research space that is the studio and the public space where they confront their works with serendipity. If the techniques (acrylic, airbrush, spray, ink, photography…) and the supports (panels, wood, audio cassettes and VHS…) diverge, bridges are nevertheless established here and there between different universes and visual languages.

The exhibition ” La ville devant soi”  brings together 16 artists: Aouina, Jaouad Bentama, Driss Benwahoud (aka DAZ), Yann Chatelin (aka POZE), Combo, Speedy Graphito, Hassan Hajjaj, Kalamour, Youness Miloudi, Sitou Matthia, Simo Mouhim, SadeOne , Ed Oner, Saïd Sabbah (aka DAÏS), Benjamin Spark & Rebel Spirit.