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“Les Panafricaines” ends the 3rd edition under the sign of hope

Written by FDM

The 3rd edition of “Les Panafricaines” Forum (6-7 March) ended on Saturday in Casablanca, on the eve of International Women’s Day.

Initiated by the 2M Group in 2017, “Les Panafricaines” is a network of women African journalists whose members come from countries on the continent.

Its ambition is to establish itself as a real force for citizen proposals and to influence the media organizations essential to the efficient and powerful dissemination of information.

The first day of this edition held under the theme “Climate emergency, African media actors of change” was devoted to debates, exchanges, and workshops around subjects relating to climate and the environment.

The second day focused on the development, presentation, and adoption of the action plan that will be deployed during this year.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, the former director of information for 2M and member of the Pan-African Standing Committee, Samira Sitaïl, stressed the importance of the journalism profession, encouraging serious and professional journalism which, today,
can’t help but combat rumors and Fake news.

She also highlighted the importance of the union between African countries, recalling that the forum is an initiative that brings together women journalists from countries on the continent.

This 3rd edition aims to mobilize the African media to stimulate public debate around the issue of climate change and its impact on African countries and to promote greater visibility of the climate issue in the African media, said the organizers.

This forum also aims to contribute to building the capacity of Pan-African women wishing to develop expertise on climate and environmental issues, and this within the framework of a united and concerted approach.

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