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Leila Slimani and Sonia Terrab’s manifesto gathers 10,000 outlaws and turns into a movement

Written by FDM

Morocco counts 10,000 outlaws. The manifesto co-authored by two writers, Leila Slimani and Sonia Terrab, to defend sexual freedom in Morocco, is in the process of becoming a movement and has brought together 10,000 Moroccan citizens.

The manifesto of Leila Slimani and Sonia Terrab dubbed “outlaw” was signed by 10,000 people as opposed to 490 at the end of August. The signatories, Moroccan citizens, no longer want to “suffer the law of silence” and refuse “to ignore the individual tragedies to which the laws penalizing sex outside marriage, adultery, and abortion,” reads a statement released on 14 October.

The manifesto also takes on another face and is now “a movement of youth, a citizen movement, carried by female and male voices, those that will make Morocco of tomorrow.  This gathering that “will need all the energies and talents available,” already launches its first actions, including the deposit of two letters. One addressed to the Attorney General of the King near the Court of Cassation and President of the Public Ministry, Mohamed Abdennabaoui, “urging him to follow a criminal policy more in keeping with the spirit of the Moroccan Constitution and the International Bill of Rights humans”.

The second was to the President of HACA and the media in order to launch and allow a debate on individual freedoms. And it’s not over. The movement is also preparing a petition to Parliament calling for the repeal of these laws, including the 490 section of the Penal Code, which punishes sex outside wedlock. A platform that will include details on the procedure to follow to join the movement is in preparation. And as the initiators warn: “This is just the beginning”.

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