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Leïla Slimani quits social networks to protest against online hate speech

Written by FDM

Moroccan-French author Leila Slimani announces that she’s quitting all social networks. She says she is outraged and pained by the hatred that reigns.

The online violence unleashed by the assassination of French history professor Samuel Paty has upset the author of Chanson Douce, (Lullaby) who announced, on Tuesday, October 20, her final withdrawal from this “arena where fanatics and racists twist the concept of freedom of expression ”.

Leila Slimani made one last post before shutting down all of her social accounts. A cover of the book “Au revoir et merci ” by Jean d’Ormesson, followed by a message explaining the process: “Today I decided to quit social networks for good, to no longer use Instagram or Facebook” Slimani wrote. She went on to explain the reasons for this decision: “I no longer want to endorse networks where hatred spreads without filter, where no surveillance exists, where it is the reign of impunity and demagoguery. And where their founders, in their offices in Silicon Valley, have no accountability ”.

The best selling author admits to having lived on social networks good times, both professionally and humanly. She knows that these communication channels occupy an important place in everyone’s social and professional life. But the surge of hate speech and incitement to violence recorded these past days seems to have overtaken the advantages that allowed Leila Slimani to cling to it.

“As long as these networks are an arena where fanatics, haters, racists twist the concept of free speech to their advantage, it will be without me. These networks are only powerful because there are so many of us. Tonight I’m going to quit for good, time to say goodbye and thank you. Tonight, I am silent and my silence is a tribute to those whom hatred has killed ”, she concluded.