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Legendary rock star Johnny Hallyday passed away

Written by FDM

Johnny Hallyday died in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday at the age of 74, following a long battle with lung cancer.

Complicated childhood, alcohol, illness, drugs … Johnny Hallyday seemed immortal after so many critical times in his life, but at 74, the rock star eventually passed away and we are stunned.

It was his wife Laeticia who announced the death of Johnny Hallyday on the night of December 5, 2017 in his home in Marnes-la-Coquette.  “Johnny Hallyday is gone. I write these words with disbelief. And yet it is most true. My man is no more. He leaves us tonight as he has lived throughout his life, with courage and dignity. Until the last moment, he stood up to the disease that had been gnawing at him for months, giving us all extraordinary life lessons. The heart beating so hard in a body of rocker who has lived a life without concession for the stage, for his audience, for those who idolize him and those who love him.” Laeticia Hallyday announced via a statement to AFP.

The French rock icon has been regarded with admiration since the beginning of his career. Veteran of the musical scene, the rock star of the tormented life,  leaves behind a whole generation of fans who followed  the change course of his life. “My life was a tunnel of suffering ” he once told Télérama.