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Legendary Caribbean singer Calypso Rose in Jazzablanca

Written by FDM

Caribbean singer Calypso Rose is expected at the 14th edition of the Jazzablanca Festival held from July 2 to 7 in Casablanca. The diva has more than 60 years of musical career!

On July 3, a great lady will grace the Anfa stage. The singer Calypso Rose is scheduled for the 14th edition of the Jazzablanca Festival. At the height of her 78th birthday, the Caribbean singer will certainly make a strong impression.

Her first Calypso, carnival music from the West Indies, dates back to … 1955. Ever since she has experienced more than 60 years of career and 50 years on the roads in the four corners of the world. The singer has thus rubbed shoulders with a variety of artists like Bob Marley with whom she often shared the stage, as recalled by the French newspaper Liberation.

Even if the titles of the undisputed queen of Calypso are festive, for some they are also feminists. Among them, “No Madam” in which she denounces the working conditions of domestic workers or “Abatina” in which she protests against violence against women.

Calypso Rose is also impressive with overflowing energy as well as a velvet voice. Her latest album, “So Calypso” (2018) is both a beautiful political engagement and a happy sound with a mix of blues, reggae, and soul.

In short, a delightful whirlwind of senses, as the organizers of the Jazzablanca Festival, who also announced the concert of the famous Scottish band Franz Ferdinand and the trumpet player Paolo Fresu on July 2,  the American saxophonist Maceo Parker on July 6, and British singer Hugh Coltman on July 6 as well.