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Lebanese iconic singer Fairuz  is back with a new song

Written by FDM

Could it be Fairuz’s big comeback? According to videos posted on Facebook by her daughter Reema Rahbany, the iconic diva could be preparing a new album.

Internet users expressed their excitement on Twitter after five videos of iconic Lebanese singer Fairuz working on a new song were posted on Facebook by her daughter, Reema Rahbany, on Sunday.

The Lebanese diva, who embodies peace, tolerance and love, is indeed coming back. Her last album “Ih fi amal” dates back to 2010. The tracks currently recorded will be gathered in an album entitled “Bi Bali”.

The release is scheduled for September 22nd. For now, “Lameen” is the only title unveiled and available since June 21st. The date was not chosen by chance since it was the day when the Lebanese songwriter Assy Rahbany, who collaborated with Fairuz before marrying her, died. Fairuz is considered to be one of the most widely admired and respected living singers in the Arab world.