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Lebanese diva Fairouz awarded by Emmanuel Macron

Written by FDM

While on a visit to Lebanon, the French Head of State Emmanuel Macron met, on Monday evening, the living legend of the Arab song, Fairouz who was awarded the Legion of Honor.

Arrived Monday evening in Beirut for his second visit to  Lebanon since the tragic double explosion of August 4, French President Emmanuel Macron made sure to meet the diva Fairouz to hand her the Legion of Honor special award.

“It was very beautiful and very strong. I told her everything she represented for me, of a (…) loved and charming Lebanon”, declared the French Head of State at the microphone of a local television station at the end of his visit to more than an hour during which he notably received a painting by Fairouz.

By her real name Nouhad Haddad, the Lebanese singer,84, is considered as the last living legend of Arab song. Since the death of the famous Egyptian singer Oum Kalthoum in 1975, no Arab singer has reached the level of adulation of Fairouz.

Fairouz has given life to the words of great Arab poets such as the Lebanese Gibran Khalil Gibran, Saïd Akl, or the Egyptian Ahmed Chawki, and her patriotic songs are embedded in the memory of the Lebanese and the rest of the Arab world. The singer also marked the spirits for her commitment to the Palestinian cause, in particular through the titles “Sa Narjiou Yawman” (“We will come back one day”) on the Palestinian refugees and “The flower of the cities” On Jerusalem, after the defeat of Arab troops against Israel in 1967.

With AFP.