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Lebanese diva Elissa reveals breast cancer battle in heartly music video

Lebanese pop singer Elissa surprised fans last week by revealing in a new music video her battle with breast cancer, calling on women not to skip early detection.

The Lebanese diva has chosen to express herself in music and  reveal to her audience that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Now healed, the singer released a song last Tuesday titled “Ila Kol Elli Bihebouni” – “To all who love me” adressing her family and fans.

The music video shows Elissa going under a medical scanner and lying in hospital beds interspersed with glittering dance scenes. It also includes footage of her collapsing on stage in February while performing in Dubai.

At the end of the 7-minute clip, the 46-year-old singer addresses women: ” I’ve recovered, I’ve beaten the illness and I’ve won. Early detection of breast cancer can save your life. Don’t ignore it, face it…”

She also took to her Twitter to address her 13.3 million followers : “You are the reason I am strong and healthy. You are my strength. And this story is a thank you to everyone who loves me.”

Many campaigners have welcomed Elissa putting breast cancer in the spotlight including various Arab stars who hailed the singer’s strength and integrity.