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Lebanese celebrities join citizen protests on the field and social media (photos)

Written by FDM

Lebanon is furious. The announcement of new taxes, deteriorating economic situations, and other governance failures have got the people flocking to the streets in protests. In the past week, many Lebanese celebrities have joined this wake-up call in favor of the people.

“Revolution!” is what Lebanese people are demanding. The protests see citizens taking to the streets, waving flags, demanding a better living situation, and ultimately the resignation of the government.
The demonstrations were triggered on late Thursday, October 17th, by Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s government planning on imposing a USD0.20 tax on calls made through WhatsApp. The plans were discarded hours later, but the people remained on the streets.

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The people of Lebanon took to the streets calling for a revolution, and many public figures joined the protest both in the country and around the world via social media. In the video, tv stars @nadine.nassib.njeim and @wissambreidy march the streets of Beirut. Visit to see who are the other stars that shared their views. #voguearabia #lebanon شعب لبنان ينتفض، انضم إليهم العديد من نجوم لبنان والعالم أجمع عبر مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي. في هذا الفيديو تظهر النجمة #نادين_نسيب_نجيم والإعلامي #وسام_بريدي مع المتظاهرين في شوارع #بيروت. زوروا موقع لمتابعة تفاعل النجوم مع هذه الاحتجاجات.

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From celebrities like Elissa, Nadine Njeim, Raya Abirached, and Nadine Labaki to influencers like Lana El Sahely and Karen Wazenb, everyone came together to join the protestors while using their platforms to raise a voice on the situation.

Some have hit the streets at Beirut’s Riad El Solh Square like Wissam Breidy, Lana El Sahely, and Nour Arida, while others expressed their opinions on social media.

Filmmaker Nadine Labaki addressed government officials in a minimal post on Instagram reminiscing of the Lebanese flag colors, in which she wrote ‘Resign’  in bold Arabic letters.

Singer Elissa wrote in one tweet “This is the first time that I wish I was in Lebanon, my heart is with you,” and in another added, “I’m watching Lebanon in the news filled with pride. It’s time that the people get their dignity back.”

Here are some more Lebanese celebrities who showed their support via social media.