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Launch of Sada9a, New Moroccan app for donations between individuals

Written by FDM

Sada9a is the name of the first mobile application dedicated to mutual aid between Moroccans. An innovative idea that came out during the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

Clothes, food, money, or support courses, “Sada9a” is the first mobile application between individuals in Morocco. A non-profit human project that allows all Moroccans to give and/or receive with a single click.

“The offer or the request for a donation is made in less than 20 seconds, thanks to the easy manipulation of this application, designed so that anyone with a smartphone and even without any prior technical knowledge can ‘use”, said Hicham Kadiri, the app designer and developer in a press release.

Based on a geolocation system, Sada9a allows aid applicants to find donors within a minimum radius of 10 km. In short, a beautiful project that Hicham Kadiri already hopes to export to many neighboring countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Mali, and even Niger.