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Launch of the Bassma project to strengthen the capacities of women in local management

Written by FDM

The Bassma project kicked off under the theme “Women in elected councils a lever for good governance”. The goal is to promote the active participation of women in local political life while strengthening their capacity.

Initiated by the Al-Bouchra association for social, cultural, and sporting development, in partnership with the Ministry of the Interior, via the Support Fund for the Representativeness of Women, the Bassma project has just been implemented. It aims to promote the active participation of women in local political life and to strengthen the capacity of locally elected women.

Launched under the banner “Women in elected councils a lever of good governance”, this project also aims to raise the level of female leadership in the management of local affairs, improve their representativeness and ensure access to the governing decision-making bodies on the basis of equal opportunities.

Speaking on this occasion, the president of the Al-Bouchra association, Hassania El-Ghayech indicated that this project aims to support elected women, those interested in local affairs, and potential candidates for the next elections and provide them with tools of local political action, emphasizing the importance of mastering the legal and practical aspects of the management of local councils. For his part, Abdessamad Maazouzi, supervisor of the Bassma project explained, in a statement to the MAP, that this training is focused on the novelties of budget management, delegated management, especially in the field of cleaning and female leadership in local decision-making, adding that awareness campaigns for the benefit of women are scheduled.

(With MAP)