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Launch of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence campaign in Morocco

Written by Amal Asebriy

The campaign kicked-off by the big release of biodegradable orange balloons into the sky above the merinid necropolis .

It is within the historic site of Chellah in Rabat that UN Women Maghreb launched the global campaign of 16 days of activism against Gender-based Violence. The UNESCO World Heritage on the banks of Bouregreg welcomed on Friday, November 24, on the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women about 300 people of all ages, colleagues of the United Nations system. United in Morocco, institutional partners, civil society, involving schoolchildren, passers-by and tourists visiting.

credit: Amal Asebriy

In an “orange” space, Moroccan visitors, and people of several other nationalities  – including Spanish, Americans, and Chinese – passers-by and young students filled the site. Several interactive booths had been set up to inform and raise awareness among the general public about violence against women and young girls. A documentation stand was set up to inform visitors about the seriousness of the matter and the means  of action. Also ,there was a booth called “write your message!” where everyone was encouraged to show their commitment to the 16-day campaign by writing their own message and spreading it on social media via photos. Messages in Spanish, English, Arabic or French also adorned the trees of Chellah among other activities and conferences.

This year’s national campaign’s theme is “Orange the World ” with the hashtag #HearMeToo. “This camaign coincides with the entry into force of the law 103-13 on the elimination of violence against women which reinforces, for the first time in Morocco, women’s protection.” Said Moroccan judge Amina Oufroukhi.

Through  #HearMeToo, UN Women has an aim to reenforce global social media conversation witch kicked-off with the movement #MeToo, and followed with #TimesUp, #BalanceTonPorc … and in Morocco with # Masaktach, #Kayna, or #ZankaDialna in recent months.

Speeches by Philippe Poinsot, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System in Morocco, and  Leila Rhiwi, UN Women’s Representative for the Maghreb, were concluded by the release of balloons in a solemn moment of meditation in thought to all women and girls who were victims of violence.

credit: Asmae Arzini