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Latifa Raafat confirms pregnancy rumors with her first child at 53!

Written by FDM

Latifa Raafat is expecting! The 53-year-old singer has put an end to rumors by revealing her pregnancy during her participation this weekend in a concert in Agadir. 

The highly acclaimed Moroccan singer, 53, took the opportunity to announce the news, displaying her “baby-bump”, while wearing a pretty white dress that left no doubt about her pregnancy.

Asked by the media about this news, Latifa Raafat said she was very happy. “I am very moved by the fact that my fans and audience are expressing their joy at my pregnancy. I ask them to pray for me,” she said.

While some fans have expressed their happy wishes to the singer, many netizens questioned this late pregnancy as well as her marriage, sending mocking messages and insults. “Usually I do not respond to insults, but when as far as my dignity is concerned, I allow myself to respond. I divorced in 1994 and remarried, and that’s the thing that not many people know. I do not have to share my personal life and that’s my right. Some even say that at this age I can not get pregnant anymore. God gave me a gift, whether or not they like it, I can not refuse it,” said Latifa Raafat.

On the other hand, Moroccan celebrities have also reacted to the news. They were very numerous to convey their congratulations to the singer, including Dounia Batma, Zina Daoudia, Iman El Bani, Asma Lmnawar, Samira Said… Congratulations!!