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Latifa Ibn Ziaten pays tribute to her son, a victim of terrorism

Written by FDM

Latifa Ibn Ziaten commemorates, Monday, March 11, the painful death anniversary of her son Imad, shot in 2012 in Toulouse by terrorist Mohamed Merah. Like every year, she visits Morocco to pay homage to the deceased.

Seven years ago, Imad Ibn Ziaten, a French soldier of Moroccan origin, was assassinated in Toulouse by the terrorist Mohamed Merah. A date that will remain engraved in the memory of his mother Latifa Ibn Ziaten , who, since the tragedy, multiplied the good deeds to honor the memory of her son and fight terrorism.

This year again, the “mother courage” reiterates her desire to spread the values of living together and peace by coming to Morocco, and more precisely to the cemetery of M’diq, where her son is buried. A tribute ceremony in memory of the victim took place before the usual race for peace in which French and Moroccans took part.

“All gathered around Imad, united in the same emotion. Our tears are also our strength, the one that carries us every day to defend love and peace, against all odds. Imad, with you here today, we keep you in the heart every moment, wherever we are,” wrote the victim’s mother on her Twitter account.