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L’Atelier 21 celebrates artist Safaa Erruas’ 20 years of career

Written by FDM

“Le Temps Parcouru” is the name of the exhibition that brings together the latest works by Safaa Erruas. In light of her 20th work anniversary, L’Atelier 21 pays tribute to the artist through this exhibition but also by publishing the first monograph of this figure of contemporary art with poetic, delicate and powerful work.

It is a beautiful tribute that L’Atelier 21 conceived for the 20th career anniversary of artist Safaa Erruas who is one of the great figures of contemporary art in Morocco. The art gallery publishes the first monograph of the artist and presents her latest works from December 4, 2018 to January 12, 2019.

A work dominated by the white color that symbolizes absence, immateriality, transparency, fragility or even place of possibility, as the art gallery described on its website. Safaa Erruas, who regularly exhibits internationally, has developed a unique language that has charmed experts around the world.

For the artist, “Le Temps Parcouru”  exhibition is  “an opportunity to grasp the essence of what has marked my artistic practice over the last twenty years and continue to develop some of these aspects more deeply including the fragmentation, repetition, the visible / invisible and the oxymoron,” Safaa Erruas explained in an interview with art historian and curator Katrin Steffen published in the monograph.

Through her works, Safaa Erruas imposes a silence. A ” silence that speaks to me and in which I feel alive,” she continues. A very personal but also striking exhibition. Opening on December 4th at 7pm.