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Lamia Belloul presents her “Nuits blanches” at the Artorium art space

Written by FDM

Artist Lamia Belloul was chosen to open the season at the art space Artorium. Her work called “Nuits blanches” will be exhibited from September 20th to November 20th.

Lamia Belloul is a “talented young artist “, as defined by the art space Artorium which decided to start the season with her new paintings grouped under the title “Nuits blanches”.

#nuitsblanches Très belle exposition de @lamiabelloul à @artorium_espacedart à découvrir sans attendre #exhibition #art…

Publiée par Artorium sur Lundi 24 septembre 2018

« Stepping into the world of Lamia Belloul is an infinite adventure, says art critic Farid Zahi. We are  introduced to it as if walking labyrinthine paths. A labyrinth which, once furrowed, is revealed to be without enigma, but which also, retains to our glimpse a panoply of surprises. Let us admit it from the beginning: the work which does not surprise by its multiple charge, as Apollinaire noted so well, does not dig in the viewer this cave of sensations which one commonly calls aesthetic taste”.

A description that incites one to go discover the intimate world of this artist who has a “certain talent” and “a future that is just as bright “, as the gallery supports.

Lamia Belloul / Nuits blanches – From September 20th to November 20th, 2018

Artorium Art Space at 4 Al Imam Muslim Street at the Oasis in Casablanca.