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“Lalla al Moutaaouina” rewards the best projects of female cooperatives

Written by FDM

The cooperatives having submitted the best project will be rewarded during a special ceremony on March 8. This initiative is led by the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts, Air Transport and Social Economy and the Cooperation Development Office (ODCO).

Through this initiative, the Ministry intends to help create the appropriate conditions to activate the role of women’s cooperatives and encourage them to social innovation in order to improve the economic, social, and educational conditions of their members. In this sense, at least one women’s cooperative per region will be awarded a prize, ie a minimum number of 12 awarded.

As a reminder, the “Lalla al Moutaaouina” project is part of a set of programs aimed at contributing to the economic and social empowerment of women in view of the context linked to the health crisis, particularly women from the rural community.