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Laïla Marrakchi’s “Rock the Casbah” screened in Madrid

Written by FDM

The film “Rock the Casbah” signed by Moroccan director Laïla Marrakchi, will be screened at the 4th edition of the Festival de cinema francophone de Madrid held from 8 to 11 March in the Spanish capital.

The Moroccan film “Rock the Casbah” will be screened alongside other French-speaking feature films such as “Une Jeune fille de 90 ans” (2016), by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Yann Cordian, “La Vanité” (2015) by Lionel Baier, “Je veux voir” ( 2008) by Khalil Joreige and Joana Hadjithomas and Alain Gomis’ “Félicité” (2017).

“Rock the Casbah” released in 2013, is a dramatic comedy. It tells the story of a three days family reunion in Tangier after the death of the father, to remember the good memories and share his loss, as the Muslim tradition dictates. But this family has a peculiarity: it is composed only of women. During this family reunion, the arrival of Sofia (the youngest of sisters) is what triggers the events.  Sofia is someone estranged from her family, having left Morocco to act in Hollywood years before. Furthering the rift between her and her family is the fact that her older sister Leyla committed suicide years before, in part because their father was controlling towards her and refused to let her marry Zakaria, the son of their maid, who she was in love with. Between laughter and tears, a collective hysteria will lead each of these women to reveal themselves …

This festival, open to all audiences, aims to demonstrate to the Spanish audience the cultural diversity of French speaking African cinema.