KitKat sushi bars: how do they taste like?

Written by FDM

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in culinary inventions, here comes a new venture by KitKat releasing a limited edition of “sushi bars”.

KitKat has just released pictures of a new set of “sushi” bars, which will be given to visitors at the opening of their newest KiKat Chocolatory shop in Tokyo. But fear not, the Japanese have not lost their minds.
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In fact, the three bars, named after the sushi they resemble, don’t taste anything like the varieties of sushi they’re modeled to look like, except for the seaweed.  The raspberry flavor replaces the tuna, the melon serves as sea urchin and the pumpkin pudding replaces the egg. All sit on a base of puffed rice and white chocolate and a hint of wasabi.  These sushis  are ultimately nothing extravagant.

This brilliant marketing idea first originated from an April fool’s Day social media post featuring a mock advertisement for sushi KitKats. The post provoked an enthusiastic response that they finally decided to create a few real ones.


The exclusive edition will be available available  from 2 to 4 February in the Ginza shop in Tokyo for the modest sum of 3000 yen, or 265 MAD. If you wish to discover these exotic flavors of Japan, it is now or never …