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#Kayna initiative incites women to reclaim public space

Written by FDM

Another initiative was set up by women to conquer the public space. Kayna initiative, launched by Loubna Batoul Bensalah last April works to gather women from villages or cities and walk together for a few miles to share, and especially reclaim the public space.

Loubna Batoul Bensalah is passionate about walking. She has walked 1000 km in Morocco and 1000 others in Tunisia. “I met hundreds of women, and by listening to them, I realized that all of them, regardless of their social status, age or profession, agreed on one thing: they all reported that the public space did not belong to them,” explains the young woman behind this initiative, relayed by Plurielle.

After a first edition in Safi in April, then in May in Mokrisset (a village between Chefchaouen and Ouezzane), Kayna was officially launched in Rabat last June. Loubna Batoul Bensalah, who divides her time between Casablanca and Rabat, wants to launch marches soon for a week-end throughout Morocco. The goal ? Include civility, meet local associations and especially leave a mark for the fight to continue locally.

#Kayna Mokrisset

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Publiée par ‎كاينة – Kayna‎ sur Jeudi 27 septembre 2018

There are always people joining the event. To encourage a maximum number of women to participate in villages, Kayna does not hesitate to go door to door. ” We meet up and we share stories of women that will motivate others,” said Loubna Batoul Bensalah according to Plurielle.

Since the coming into force of the law against harassment of women, the collective #Zankadialna has met in several big cities of Morocco to reclaim the public space. According to Loubna, this law is a good thing, but … ” but mentalities must also change in the street. Unfortunately it’s the mentalities that run the country, not the laws,”  says the young woman who knows she must think about her outfit before going out.

While waiting for this big change, Loubna Batoul Bensalah and her team will continue to walk to appropriate the public space. Next appointment: the beginning of November for another walk to meet Moroccan women.