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Kawtar Essaidi finalist in Lausanne at the “Ma thèse en 180 seconds” contest

Written by FDM

The national prize winner Kawtar Essaidi will be representing Morocco, on September 28th, in the final of the French-speaking contest of eloquence and popularization “Ma thèse en 180 seconds” (My thesis in 180 seconds).

After winning the national award, the young woman will be flying to Lausanne, Switzerland, on September 28 to compete in this contest. This latter brings together 18 candidates from all over the world and is created by the Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS).

Kawtar Essaidi is PhD student at the Laboratory of Studies and Research on Intercultural (LERIC) at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of El Jadida. In Lausanne, she will present her research work which ” is part of the field of didactics of French as a foreign language (FLE) “, as she explains to the MAP.

“I was interested in the contribution of artistic support to the development of oral proficiency in French as a secondary school level in Morocco,” she says. The goal? ” Motivate and involve the learner as a whole (gesture, voice, creativity, relationship with oneself and others) for a better utterance in the target language,” she says.

Kawtar Essaidi has now only one concern: to make the difference during ” My thesis in 180 seconds “. Specifically, during the competition, the 18 candidates will present their doctoral research work in a clear, fun and convincing way, but above all … in 180 seconds and relying on one slide, with no animation.

With MAP.