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Karyati Hayati exhibition by Hassan Darsi

Following the creation of a number of models namely the “Le Projet de la maquette”, “Le Square d’en bas”, artist Hassan Darsi takes up a new model, to be taken figuratively this time, but real and scale 1/1.

A project that reflects a reality. Especially that of a douar in the region of Benslimane threatened by the exploitation of quarries, that of a resistance and a fierce will to brave the inevitability. A model that appears, as previous ones,  to report and get round this situation.

An artistic project that runs in parallel with a real project of life and sustainable development for the inhabitants of the douar, a work in progress initiated almost a year ago and whose exhibition offers an insight. Video installation, “Portraits de familles recomposées”, on-site interventions, culinary performances … so many milestones that lay the foundations of a collective project where art and life intertwine.

For 25 years, Hassan Darsi has been developing an artistic work strongly influenced by his experience, his daily life and his environment, based on work processes, multiple mediums and often in the form of participative projects. Nourished by the utopia of a “total work of art”, which finds its meaning in the multiplicity of disciplines of creation, in history, philosophy, politics and current events, he proposes a work that takes the exact opposite of a globalized art and always fits in precise contexts and contemporary realities.

The Benslimane project by Hassan Darsi, receives a research grant from the Open Society Foundations, and the accompaniment of the association La source du lion.