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Kane Ya Makane association Launches Tanouir program online 

Written by FDM

The Kane Ya Makane association launches Tanouir online, the digital version of its Tanouir fun program developed for students in rural public schools.

Tanouir is getting digitalized. The program set up by the Kane Ya Makane association has its version on the web in order to benefit tens or even hundreds of thousands of children. The goal is to reopen the field of possibilities for students in rural public schools, through tailor-made programs to promote their development, awakening, and creativity.

“Since the announcement of quarantine, we have mustered up all our energy to be able, in record time and despite many constraints, to adapt our programs and put them online,” explained Mounia Benchekroun, president of Kane Ya Makane , in a press release. The aim was to find a way to replace the weekly workshops that children attended in schools as quickly as possible with similar activities and thus ensure bond continuity with them.

Concretely, Tanouir online provides 4 to 6 daily fun activities for children from 6 to 12 years old, published on the tanouirenligne Facebook page. These activities are mainly broadcasted in the form of audio-visual capsules and their content relates to artistic programs (storytelling, nursery rhyme, plastic arts, recycle art, comics, cinéclub, games…) and to that of French all the while staying consistent with the initial project.

To find out more, go to Tanouir: