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Kane Ya Makane association celebrates its 10 years anniversary!

Written by FDM

Kane Ya Makane celebrates this year its 10 years of existence. Born of President Mounia Benchekrou’s dream, to re-open the field of possibilities to women and children living in rural areas, through programs giving a central place to art and culture. For this purpose, the association has performed miracles.

In the process, two projects having a common point: the desire to value the potential of their beneficiaries, to promote their development and strengthen their level of consciousness, which has emerged. The first is Talents de femmes, launched in 2009, for a group of rural women. Its goal was to promote their socio-economic reinforcement through their artistic training and the marketing of their paintings. Since then, the program has allowed these women, formed under a cooperative, to earn income for several years thanks to revenues from the sale of their artistic works.

The second project, called Tanouir, was launched at the end of 2010, in public primary schools located in rural areas to fight against dropping out of school which still raged strongly at the time. The central activity of Tanouir is a multidisciplinary arts program that has been designed and deployed for the benefit of students of these schools, in order to promote their development, their awakening and their creativity. The general objective of Tanouir has at the same time transformed and is now aimed at promoting a harmonious educational and personal development of children to improve their chances of success as adults.

The record of Kane Ya Makane in figures:

12 loyal funders who regularly renew their trust
6 employees at headquarters, 22 highly committed employees
10 years of large-scale programs for children and vulnerable people