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Kan ya makane # 1: Aziza Nait Sibaha reads stories for kids stuck at home

Written by FDM

From Paris where she is based, Aziza Nait Sibaha, journalist, TV presenter and editor in chief at France 24 wondered what she could do best to help her parents manage the long days of their children forced to stay at home following the schools’ shutdown.

“Children spend a lot of time on screens, whether it’s for school-related activities or playing. So I thought it’s about time to invite them to listen rather than watch, hence the idea of an audio podcast that would help them develop their imagination,” explains Sibaha.

Therefore she chose to lend her voice to little stories on a background of perfectly adapted music. ” I am fortunate to know the Moroccan author Ahmed Ziadi, and he had offered to provide me with a series of stories AL HAYAWANE SADIKI (The animal is my friend) as he knows that I really like animals. Being authorized by the author himself to use them for this project, the rest was very easy to execute”.

Following a discussion with Mohamed Ezzouak, founder and director of publication of Yabiladi, the latter offered to host Sibaha’s readings in the podcast platform of the website. This is how a beautiful collaboration was born for the benefit of children.

The stories will be published as Aziza Nait Sibaha prepares them. Ideally several times a week.

Kan ya makane # 1: A difference in age

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